How To Finish Your Homework Quicker

Managing homework can be very hectic especially if you have many tasks to cover. For starters, have you ever found yourself gazing at your assignments late into the night and still doesn’t feel like you are making progress?

Well, this happens and it’s very normal just as captured by Parkinson’s Law that tries to explain the relationship between time and amount of work. If it is your first time hearing about it, the law simply states that work increases to fill the allotted time.

However, I’m sure that no one here would love to spend hours trying to accomplish a 30-minute task, isn’t it? 


Here are a few tested approaches that you can start using today to increase your efficiency as well as productivity.

  1. Create a list

Make a comprehensive to-do list of everything that needs to be done during your homework time. While at it, please make sure to include even those tasks that might seem so obvious to you.

  1. Gauge the time required to do each task on your list

Here you will need to be a little tough but realistic. While estimating the appropriate time needed to do specific tasks, reduce the estimated time by at least 5 minutes to create more time. This will help you stay on time and finish the tasks much earlier.

  1. Assemble all provisions in one place

The aim here is to save on time. Since fetching different resources differently would cost you a lot of time, plan to gather all items and resources for your math homework in one place near your work desk.

  1. Switch off your electronic devices

We all know how our phones are great “attention snatchers” right? Well, to help you not to lose focus, just unplug and switch off your electronic devices while working on your homework. This eliminates the chances of being interrupted and ensures that you finish your homework in record time.

  1. Time yourself

Since practice makes perfect, these approaches might need constant application throughout your student life. To help you master time estimation and keep you on track, you should consider timing yourself and looking for math help online.

  1. Remain focused

Living in the internet era can be a little challenging especially if you need to focus on something. Many fall into the temptation of straying off to irrelevant websites when doing internet-based research for their math homework. For this reason, we suggest that you should aim at staying focused on your tasks and collect all the information that you want from the web in one session.

  1. Take many breaks

The human mind is a muscle and should be relaxed in between sessions. Therefore, take as many breaks as possible especially if you are working on a larger project. The breaks will essentially help you re-energize and prepare for the next tasks. For those who might feel a little left out on what’s trending, feel free to use this time to catch up with your social media but ensure that you observe discipline and overdo this.

In as much as some of these approaches might sound full proof, we suggest that you keep at it. If you continually use them regularly, then you might just end up having one of the best study habits around.