What is Classical Christian Education?

Christianity is one of the largest religions that is available in the world. Other religions include Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism, among many other religions present in the world. Christian education is taught worldwide. Christians believe in the bible and whatever is written in it. They subscribe to God and Jesus Christ, who is God’s son. Religion existed from time immemorial. Christianity has been divided into many denominations that include the Catholics and the Protestants. There are different Christian education teaching methods.  

CCE is an acronym that stands for Classical Christian education. CCE has schools that teach students Christian values using a Christian perspective. Classical Christian education teaches graduates to develop their thoughts, articulate their issues well, and be well-rounded graduates. Our schools provide the best education whereby teachers teach children to develop their God-given talents and potentials. Some of the Christian values include managing time, respecting the laws, and discipline. Children can grow in Christian ways, know the truth and whatever the Lord requires, and understand the basic Christian education curriculum. 

Age-specific learning

Children are a blessing from God. Parents are happy when they see their children developing in a Christian way. As children develop, they learn different characteristics from their friends, parents, and the environment in which they grow. Classical Christian education ensures that children grow through every stage of life. Children learn while they have fun with activities such as singing, rhymes, and memorizing. Parents and tutors should ensure that children get a good foundation in every subject while still young. We teach the high school children to discern the truth and reason out critically. High school students learn how to present their ideas properly. When children get a good foundation, they will grow and impact society positively. 

Time-tested content and method

CCE teaches children to be lifetime learners. Children learn how to organize their work properly, and the information is relayed in an organized way. The methods that we use have been tested and proven to work over the years. The result is that children get experienced in reading and writing science, math, Latin, and logic. Children develop to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and gracious men and women in society. 

Christian-centered curriculum

Our schools teach that God is the creator of the universe and everything that exists in the universe. Christians seek and get knowledge from God, and they need to abide by His commands. Christians learn to follow the teachings from the bible. Our schools acknowledge that God has given parents the responsibility and might of educating their children. The teachers also act as parents because they are responsible for teaching and directing children. Many graduates stay in the correct teachings of Christianity even after completing their college degrees.

Academically rigorous

When children believe in themselves, they have the potential of achieving more than what parents expect from them. Children are willing to learn in any positive environment. Children can master difficult tasks.


When children grow up with discipline, they become high achievers. CCE is a learning community focus for Christian education.