High School Must-Reads: Classic Books for Everyone

Are you in high school? Have you just graduated from high school? If so, then this article is for you. We have researched and combined books every high school student should read before college. The books are pretty inspirational and offer excellent advice for you to use as you scale the ladder of life. If you would wish to know more about these books, then follow along.

Reading is an incredible way to increasing our knowledge and IQ. We can learn many things through books, and today we bring you a guide to surviving high school and even college via books. The books provided in this article are packed with knowledge to help you survive high school, college and ultimately be successful in life. Hence without further ado, let us dive into the must-reads in high school books.

To kill a mockingbird

If you think that this book is about a mockingbird, then you are pretty wrong. It is a great book written by Harper Lee and focuses on how sometimes human natures’ bad side can triumph over good morals. You get to learn and broaden your understanding of racism towards the African Americans and why it is not good to be a racist.

The book is one of those classic books high school students should read before they graduate. The best part is that the book is also available in movie format. Hence after reading the novel, you can dive into the movie to have a clearer understanding of the books theme.

Fahrenheit 451

Do you love science fiction, or should I call it sci-fi? If your answer is yes, then Fahrenheit is the book for you. The books show that there is always good even when the world seems to be surrounded by chaos, just like the main character Montag finds dissatisfaction in his life after meeting a young girl who, unlike the rest, enjoys nature and people. It clearly shows how sometimes being different is the best way to be. Hence if you are in high school, then this is a book you ought to read before graduating.

Animal farm

George Orwell wrote the Animal Farm book. It mainly revolves around political satire and allegory. Hence if you love history and politics, then this is a book that you would not want to miss out on. The author tried to bring out an allegory of the Russian revolution back in 1917. He tries to show how any reign of terror is inappropriate and the harm it causes by greatly condemning the Stalin’s reign. You can use this book as an anchor to activism as you head on to campus.

The Great Gatsby

The next novel on books for high school graduates is the great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the book. It focuses on what many people call the American dream. It brings out those who have been Wealthy for a long time and those people earning their wealth right about now. You can hence gain a lot of motivation on how to bring your “American dream back to life.”


The surviving high school books provided in this article are incredible. The knowledge they entail can help you achieve a lot, not just now but also in the future. So get any of the books provided in this article and feel the thrill while learning a lot about life.