3rd Grade

I love serving at ACS because we truly value every child and work very hard to help them develop their unique talents and strengths. I love being apart of a community where our string academics and love for the Lord go hand in hand!
— Mrs. Deeshe Hannah-Merriweather, 3rd Grade Teacher & Principal
I am pleased to be co-teaching 3rd grade part-time with Mrs. Deeshe and to have the opportunity to teach in a warm family/school community at Alameda Christian School. I teach Reading, Language arts, and Mathematics. I enjoy sharing God’s love and truth with students in all areas of learning.
— Mrs. Franco, 3rd Grade Teacher

Curriculum and Areas of Study



Our reading program consists of oral and silent reading, reading comprehension, learning analytical skills, and listening and speaking skills. Students are fostered in a lifelong love of reading, to increase understanding of author’s voice and purpose, and to learn how to verify and find evidence of facts and statements. Students increase vocabulary and and general knowledge.


Language Arts

Our language arts program consists of systematic lessons of study words, spelling words, dictionary and pronunciation skills, creative writing, grammar, test-taking habits, and penmanship.  Students learn the “art of language” which prepares them as better writers and lifelong word adventurers.


Our mathematics program consists of routines of daily counting exercises, flash-card practice, speed drill practice, new concept lessons, and review lessons.  Students learn to solve bigger addition and subtraction problems, multiplication and division problems, story problems, money, fractions, geometry, measures, graphs, patterns, and calendar and clock.  Lessons seeks to relate math to everyday life and to prepare students to understand greater concepts for the next grade level.


The third grade Science curriculum is comprised of both textbook and project-based learning. Some concepts taught throughout the year include Life Science with special emphasis on the human body and plant life, and Physics when discussing force and motion and Engineering. Students also learn the Design Process (an approach for breaking down a large project into manageable chunks) in regards to Physics.

Social Studies

Third graders focus on learning about continuity and change in their local community.  In third grade, students build on their knowledge of geography, civics, historical thinking, chronology and national identity. Our third grade Social Studies curriculum also allows opportunity for research of historical events and influential people of the past and present. They will focus on Geography of the Local Region, American Indians (Native Americans), Development of the Local Community, and American Symbols and Government.


Third graders focus on the different sections of the Bible and how to understand and apply them to their lives. Throughout the year, students will explore the Bible beginning with Genesis and the story of the Creation, to the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to Moses and the Exodus, and beyond.